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Driveways & Pathways

Do you want to refurbish your concrete driveways and pathways? With just one call to Gympie Concreters, you can kickstart your plan on keeping your exterior surfaces look their best and stay in excellent condition throughout the years. We are a team composed of trusted and committed professionals and workers in Gympie that deliver quality results in line with your needs and preferences.

Driveway and pathway constructions and repairs are some of the most sought-after projects we aid our customers with. We know how your property’s first impression greatly affects a person’s perspective of you. That is why at Gympie Concreters, we aim to deliver excellent and detailed services to our clients, no matter how small-scale or large-scale the project is.

Gympie Concreters asphalt well laid on driveway


Why choose us

We only deliver high-quality concrete projects.

Experienced Concreters

We have been in the business for more than a decade and our concreters are all experienced in different facets of concrete construction.

On-Time Delivery

We value your time. Thus, before commencing with any project, we provide an honest estimate of the time it would take to finish it. We always deliver on or before our deadline.

Clean & Neat

As professional concreters, we have developed the habit of cleaning up our project areas. We will leave your property pristine and visually appealing.

Upgrade your Driveways & Pathways

Even if driveways and pathways are considered exterior surfaces, we can’t deny the fact that these are the places that are first seen when someone comes over. Be it a guest or a client; you want to ensure that your property leaves an excellent first impression. Driveways and pathways may be features of your property that you don’t give too much importance to but note that these aspects can frame your exterior area to its benefit or its detriment. 

If you are one of those property holders who wish to improve your property’s appearance and value, it may be a promising idea to invest in your exterior spaces. Treat this project as a cost-effective investment that will be advantageous to you for the years to come. Here’s why it is great to upgrade your hardscape areas:

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Pool decks
  • Retaining Walls
  • Building facades
  • Barrier walls

If you plan to have exposed aggregate in your property, here are some of its advantages that may convince you to have it done sooner than later: 

We can fix worn or cracked driveways and upgrade them to durable and long-lasting ones.

Since hardscape areas such as driveways and pathways are often neglected, you might not notice that these areas have deteriorated due to heavy use and exposure to elements. If you let us check your old driveways, we can gauge what repairs we can offer you for an affordable price. 

An inviting pathway can upscale your property’s front and create a great connection to other exterior areas.

Every establishment and house must have an attractive pathway because it adds to your property’s overall aesthetic appeal and functionality.

A well-structured and designed driveway or pathway can increase the value of your property.

If you have plans to resell your estate, you must take the time and the effort to maintain and renovate it. It doesn’t have to be a large-scale refurbishment. You can start with your hardscape areas. Through our various decorative concrete surfaces such as exposed aggregate, colored concrete, stamped concrete, and more, you can have your property stand out from the competitive market. 

Choose Gympie Concreters for Your Driveways & Pathways

At Gympie Concreters, we have years of experience in everything concrete, which has given our team excellent skills in designing, paving, and repairing driveways and pathways. If you are searching for a valid and trusted concrete service provider in Gympie, we have the tools and knowledge to guide and help you achieve the outcome you need. Which of the following advantages of upgrading your driveways and pathways has caught your attention? Do you have plans to upscale your property? Ring us a call and let us further discuss how our team can be of assistance to you.