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Exposed Aggregate

Are you looking for subtle ways to spruce up your driveway, pathways, and other surfaces? Do you want to upscale the value of your property without needing to spend too much? If these ideas have crossed your mind, you might as well take action now. There are several decorative concrete choices to choose from, such as exposed aggregate that reveals concrete’s true potential. At Gympie Concreters, we take pride in creating aesthetically appealing and durable decorative concrete for your property.

Many property owners have switched to exposed aggregate and moved on from their traditional smooth-finished surfaces. They opt to have a fricative and durable surface, especially for areas where a non-slip surface is essential. Highlighting and exposing the aggregates in concrete is all the rage in decorative concrete. Read In to discover the advantages you can get with this trendy concrete innovation.

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Exposed Aggregate Benefits

Exposed aggregates are becoming a trend and significant choice for both residential and commercial establishments in Gympie. It is one of the most prominent concrete finishes due to its aesthetic and contemporary appeal. You can have it done in your property to achieve a unique look that stands out from the typical surface you are used to. For you to have a sense of where you can use exposed aggregate, here’s some of them:

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Pool decks
  • Retaining Walls
  • Building facades
  • Barrier walls

If you plan to have exposed aggregate in your property, here are some of its advantages that may convince you to have it done sooner than later: 

It’s Customisable

We offer a wide range of aggregates to choose from in exposed aggregate concrete. The most popular choices are decorative stone, gravel, crushed glass, quartzite, granite, limestone, and basalts. Besides that, you can also modify the patterns to create a new style. Exposed aggregates have different textures and finish, so you can decide what will suit your taste and preference.

Exposed Aggregates are versatile.

Are you worried about steering away from the original design of your property? Even if you mix and match patterns with our exposed aggregate, it can still blend well with the look you are going for. We also recommend it for properties that have natural stones in the area. No matter how subtle or bold you want your concrete surface to be, you can do it with exposed aggregate. With its versatility, you can choose to add several materials or stick to one design. Either way, it can enhance the look of a plain surface. 

It is highly durable.

You might be thinking that decorative concretes have lesser structural integrity and durability. Do not worry because our exposed aggregate concrete is highly durable and sturdy. It is known to withstand heavy foot or car traffic and harsh weather conditions, which is why it is an excellent choice for driveways and footpaths. 

Exposed aggregates are slip-resistant.

For those worried about the danger of surfaces near water, such as pool decks, you can opt for exposed aggregate concrete. Its fricative surface makes it slip-resistant, which makes the surface safe for children and the elderly. 

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