Stained Concrete Floors and What You Can Gain With Them

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Adding a finish to your flooring is one of the best ways to ensure it lasts as long as possible while providing a desired aesthetic. For concrete flooring though, a great way to enhance its visual appeal would be to have it stained. Stained concrete involves a staining process that provides several hues and tones for concrete through different solutions and techniques. When having a stained concrete flooring, there are different benefits that you can gain with the feature.

Benefits with Stained Concrete Flooring

Stained concrete flooring offers more than an enhancement for the indoor space that it is applied on, it offers the following:

Fire Resistance

As a type of flooring that can also be applied to spaces like warehouses and factories, having stained concrete can provide an extra measure of protection while keeping its durability. Depending on the type of stain you decide to apply on your concrete flooring, it can also be light resistant and make it less likely to fade. Aside from this, the other spaces you can have stained concrete done in include manufacturing plants, commercial spaces, and even aircraft hangars.


When concrete flooring is stained, it penetrates deep into the surface, creating long-lasting durable floors. This method can also help produce fade-resistant and permanent color that won’t flake off or peel away. An additional way you can have this benefit last is to have it sealed with an epoxy topcoat.

Low Maintenance

Stained concrete, once applied, can prevent the ability for dust, mold and other allergens to get trapped thus providing a minimal need for upkeep. Even when doing maintenance, a simple sweep and mop would be sufficient as the staining treatment ensures that the floor remains resistant to scratches from a broom or mould growth due to standing water from mopping.

More than the cited benefits so far, stained concrete can provide a range of style choices as you gain the option to add subtle hints of color, bolder design accents, and even custom graphics. What’s more, staining concrete makes for a cost-effective option for your choice of space and increases the present benefits of concrete.

Types of Concrete Stain

During any planning process involving staining your concrete, you’ll find that there are two options for staining your floors with and both offer different features. They are as follows:

Acid-Based Stain

You will want to use this stain on floors designed to resemble wood as it is generally composed of earthy tones and is commonly used in outdoor settings. The stain itself reacts chemically with the concrete, resulting in natural color variations that add character and unique mottling effects, similar to the appearance of marble or granite.

Water-Based Stain

For a more bold aesthetic for your concrete, you will want a water-based stain. This type of stain provides a full spectrum of shades. In addition, the different colors can be mixed, like water-based paints, to broaden your options.


One of the many durable materials that you can have applied as flooring is concrete. If you want to have this material to last as long as possible while keeping an enhanced appearance though, staining it would be the best option. Stained concrete can offer many different benefits including increased durability and low maintenance.

When having it applied, you also have the option for something with either a subtle or bold finish. To ensure that you are left with a quality finish, you will want to consider a professional service group like Gympie Concreters. Gympie Concreters provide quality and experienced professionals to meet all concreting needs and offer the best fitting options for you. Whether it be determining what stain would be good or having a quality finish, having a professional service group can help deliver it.