Is Concrete Better than Granite for your Kitchen Countertop?

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One of the most commonly renovated spaces in any home in Gympie is the kitchen. Well, if you consider how much time you spend in this area, you might also consider having a home renovation project to make it more functional and attractive.

For starters, why not spruce up your countertops? Even if various building materials can be used on countertops, two of the most sought–after options are concrete and granite. Some may prefer granite, while others want concrete.

What should you choose? Is concrete a better option than granite for countertops? If you are still contemplating the building material to use, you can check out the advantages that our custom-built concrete countertop can extend to you.

Advantages of Having a Concrete Countertop

At Gympie Concreters, we can offer you countertops that are specifically tailored to your unique requirements. Here are the advantages of having a concrete countertop.


When you plan to have a concrete countertop in Gympie, it might be best to ask for the assistance of our expert team. We have the specialized equipment for the concrete to be moulded, troweled, cured, polished, and installed correctly in your kitchen.


Since concrete can be moulded and designed to any shape or colour you prefer, you can conveniently attain the look you prefer for your countertop. You can choose from a myriad of colours or patterns to make your kitchen have a unique vibe. Besides that, our team can also incorporate coloured glass, stones, or seashells in the concrete slab for an added flair to your working surface. With a concrete countertop, you can have excellent versatility in your decorating options.


Concrete is a robust and long-lasting material, so it is ideal for kitchen countertops. It is because concrete can effectively resist stain and heat once it is properly sealed.

If you have a concrete countertop, you no longer have to fret when you accidentally place a steaming pan or pot on its surface or worry about the stains that may be left when you have a cooking mishap. Besides that, a concrete countertop can also be a good addition to your bathroom since it can withstand stains left by makeup or other products.

Environmental Friendly

If you prefer to stick with a greener choice for the building material of your kitchen countertops, concrete is an excellent alternative. It can last for decades, so you can benefit from it for a long time. Moreover, manufacturers have incorporated recycled industrial waste on this material, so you can be assured that you are helping our environment in simple ways.

Aesthetic Appeal

Concrete can offer you a limitless shape and palette for your countertop. Since concrete can be moulded into any shape and size you want and can be coloured with any shade you prefer, you can easily customize your countertop into something unique and eye-catching. Besides that, it can be designed to mimic the appearance of other building materials such as granite, natural stone, wood, or marble.

Through concrete, our seasoned designers and builders can help you craft a customized countertop that will seamlessly blend into your interior and upscale the aesthetic appeal and value of your space.